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Reviews & praise for Mommy Always Comes Back!
Teachers, parents & psychologists share their thoughts about Penny Schnee-Bosch & her new book

"From the first day of school Penny knew exactly how to manage our child's separation anxiety. In a matter of days our daughter felt safe and happy in her classroom."
            Alex L., Parent



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"In this gentle and insightful story, early childhood educator Penny Schnee-Bosch provides reassurance for children who are nervous about leaving their parents and going to preschool. Aided by the clever illustrations, Ms. Bosch shows how many wonderful things there are to do in a classroom from the child’s point of view. The message that children can conquer their nervousness, and love both home and school comes through loud and clear. Mommy Always Comes Back! is a must-read for any child – or parent! – going through the separation process which is so common during the first month of preschool."
            Patti Wollman Summers
            Early childhood consultant and author of
Toddlers on Technology
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"Sending my first and only child to preschool was one of my toughest experiences. I did not realize how hard it would be to separate from him and for him to separate from me. Penny really helped me get through that first rough month and she still gives me great feedback as we have now moved overseas and are experiencing a brand new school process. Penny taught my son some great tricks to deal with his separation anxiety and he really began to understand that mommy always comes back! She recommended helpful articles, songs and stories to ease the separation anxiety. She also gave me the confidence I needed to get through it. After a few weeks my son was waving bye to me as we entered the classroom and always looked forward to his time with Penny and his classmates."
            Asema A., Parent
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"Separation can be a very difficult and trying experience for parents. Leaving one's child with someone they don't know very well can be jarring for any parent. Penny works closely with each family to make the separation experience as gentle as possible. While assisting Penny, I watched as she engaged the children warmly and playfully in a way that made them happy and comfortable in the classroom setting. The children were soon racing down the hall the get to our classroom. Parents quickly learned to trust in her abilities as a teacher and her care for their children. Observing this process was an invaluable experience for me as a teacher, and I now use Penny's methods at the beginning of every school year."
            Jill F., Teacher
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"When I started my second career as a preschool teacher, Penny was my mentor. Under her tutelage, I learned curriculum strategies and classroom management but most importantly she guided me through the separation process. Penny taught me that separation is a twofold process. It not only involves the children but equally the parents. Penny gave me the tools such as redirecting the child to the comforting words for parents to know that they could trust us teachers. Learning how to handle separation from Penny was an invaluable experience for me as a teacher. I continue to use what Penny taught me every year when I have a new class of children."
            Maureen M., Teacher & Parent
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"School separation can be a difficult time for both child and parent. Having an experienced teacher to help during this stressful time is essential. Learning how to handle separation from Penny was an invaluable experience for me as a teacher. Penny has a warm heart and kind voice, which helps a child feel loved and safe. She understands that the process can sometimes be even harder for the parents and she gives each parent (and child) the tools and guidance they need to transition successfully. Penny's effective and compassionate approach is a cut above all others I've encountered. I'm thrilled that her techniques can now be shared outside the classroom in her new book, Mommy Always Comes Back!"
            Candace D., Teacher
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"As a new head teacher, I worked with Penny in her classroom throughout the separation process. It was a pleasure - and what a wonderful way to learn how to support parents and children in a new school experience! Penny is one of the most patient, compassionate, and sincere people that I have ever met. Throughout the process she helped each individual family create a plan for separation that was specific to their needs. Under Penny's guidance, every child was able to separate and begin the process of learning to love school. Separation is an especially trying time for new parents. With Penny's kind and gentle words (not to mention patience), the parents were able to confidently and calmly make it through the process."
            Blair C., Teacher
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"When our son first started his preschool at the age of 2.5, everything seemed to go smoothly for separation for the first 2 weeks until our son decided to take the process at his own pace. As first time parents, we were confused as to what we could do to make him feel better saying good bye to us. From the very beginning of the school year, Penny was there to help us navigate through the process. In phone calls, emails and meetings, she shared her thoughts on the process with her years of professional experience and knowledge. Most importantly, she asked us to be consistent with our son throughout the process and encouraged us to give him more opportunities to play independently. During this phase, Penny reached out to us via email a couple of times a week to update us on the progress and to make sure that we are on the same page as a team. Our son then started singing the magic song, 'Mommy and daddy always come back' and telling us what happened in school each day. When our son went back to school last week after 2-week spring break, he just walked right into the classroom with a smile on his face! We truly thank Penny for her support, encouragement and patience during the process. We are lucky to have Penny who is an expert on separation but at the same time a truly nurturing and caring teacher."
            Lisa L., Parent
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"My son was having difficulties in separating from home and family. It was so hard leaving him behind in the middle of crying every school day. Luckily, we received help from his teacher, Penny. She quickly identified some issues in Matteo's behavior that originated at home. Penny told us two or three things we could change that would make him more confident and independent. I was a little skeptical at first but amazingly, after less than two weeks of implementing Penny's advice, our son was staying happily at school and had achieved a successful separation from home."
            Enrique U., Parent
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"School separation can be a challenging and difficult time for both child and parent. Expectations and fears about separation leave many families stumbling in the dark causing emotional and physical fatigue. Thankfully, Penny has taken the time and care to fully understand the process and share it with others. I've had the privilege of observing Penny in the classroom. Her invaluable tools for handling separation will stay with me forever. Through her kind words, calm demeanor and working knowledge of the emotional and environmental triggers that can affect separation; Penny was able to smoothly transition every child in her classroom."
            Natasha G., Teacher
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"Children love to 'make believe.' Under appropriate circumstances, simulation of future events may influence the laying down of neural pathways that can later be exploited, essentially re-instantiating the earlier neural context through associative mechanisms. Thus, pretend play represents a critical faculty that allows young ones to rehearse events, especially their emotional aspects, before they occur. Penny Schnee-Bosch's Mommy Always Comes Back! not only shows what to expect on the first day of school, it also encourages a child to experience all the thrills, anxiety, fun and ultimate success of that special day in the imagination. And, of course, it provides (and reinforces) the all important mantra of the title, Mommy Always Comes Back! As a tool for assisting in the separation process -- a critical phase in nurturing a secure attachment style -- I highly recommend this book."
            Zoran Josipovic, PhD, Neuroscientist; Director, Contemplative Science Lab; Founder, Nonduality Institute
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"As a school administrative assistant, I have had the pleasure of watching Penny guide her students through the separation process. During the first few days of school many tears were shed for mommies. Penny began singing her "Mommy Always Comes Back" song and talking to the children as well as their parents in her gentle and reassuring way. Within the first two weeks of school the little ones began singing the song along with Penny and soon after I could hear them singing it to themselves sometimes too. The children and their parents quickly learned from Penny's wisdom, kind nature and confidence that they were, indeed, safe at school and that Mommy always does come back! I only wish I would have known Penny and benefited from her gifts when my children were preschoolers!! She is truly a gifted professional. I am grateful to work with and learn from her."
            Sandy F., School Administrative Assistant
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