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Stress-free separation for preschool parents & children
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No Parental Guilt!
Be calm and consistent
How can you treat separation anxiety?
Consistency is the main objective
Manage separation anxiety

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How can you treat separation anxiety? Separation Anxiety 101
By Alisa Stoudt

Luckily, there are a number of thing parents can do to help ease and even prevent separation anxiety, including:

* Encourage independence early. Young children, especially those who are shy and sensitive can benefit from time away from parents. Drop them off with a grandparent or a sitter, and tell them the time you'll be back. Be sure to show up when you say you will, as this is key in helping children trust that you will come back for them at the end of the school day.

* Learn to calm yourself. Kids can read when their parents feel anxious, even when you say otherwise. Peters Mayer suggests learning how to take calming breaths and practice relaxing your face muscles in front of a mirror.


Consistency is the main objective
by David Lisk

Sometimes, the stages last for a few days, sometimes it can last for a month or two. But it can, and will, stop. Here's a couple of techniques to help get through this difficult time with your preschoolers.

* Reassure them. Explain where you are going, and when you will come back.

* Create a routine that you both follow every day. This will give consistency to their otherwise crazy world.

* Make short, but meaningful goodbyes. Just like Band-Aid removal, the sooner you "rip" it off, the sooner it's over and done with.
for your little one.


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